1. Anyone ever remove a tassle? I carried a purse this weekend with a tassle, and I just don't like it. I was going to cut it off, (not thru the tassle, just thru the stich holding it together) but thought maybe I'd ask here first. Is this a big No-No?
  2. If it really bugs ya, go for it, it's you bag. :tup: But I personally love the tassles. I love playing with them whenever I'm seated or waiting for something. Sure they do get in the way every once in a while if I close my bag in an extra big hurry.
  3. if you plan to keep the bag forever, go for it. but, if you plan to sell it later, i would reconsider because this takes a lot of value from the bag.

    be careful if you decide to so that you don't damage the bag at all.
  4. I kept the tassel on my wristlet because I like the extra bit of detail it adds to the bag and it looks way too plain without it...

    But if it really bothers you, I say go for it! It's all about personal taste...just remember it may be hard/impossible to reattach if you ever want to put it back on the bag!
  5. I hear you because I am so not a tassel girl. I have never removed one because I usually end up eBaying most of my things, but I sure would love to cut them all off!