Tassles spliting on New '06 day b-bag - what to do?

  1. My tassles are starting to split on my new black day that I bought from Barneys three weeks ago... to you think I can get a add'l set of replacement tassles? I don't want to use the replacement tassles I got for the bag yet. Has anyone tassles spilt within a few weeks of purchasing a new bag? Would you just return it for a new bag? Thanks!
  2. As long as the bag itself is in good condition, I wouldn't exchange the bag...just try to get an extra set of tassels from Barneys. If they don't have them in stock, they can order them for you at no charge.
  3. Thank you Smallfry. I will give Barney's NY a call.
  4. You're welcome :flowers: Let us know what happened!
  5. I just posted in the other tassel thread. It happened on my black 06 after just using it a handful of times. Through trial and error here's the best way to get them back together.
    Buy an adhesive tape roller from an office supply store. The adhesive is usually clear. Roll it on the inside of one strips up to where it has split and press the top piece down matching the edges up. If it's just the ends you don't have to take it off the bag but do it on top of a piece of paper. If they split all the way up take them off.

    I did this on my 05 and they have stayed together for over a year. I've never used my spares.