Tassles or No Tassles??

  1. I have seen a couple pics recently of Nicole Ritchie and Christina Aguilar with their B-Bags and only one tassle. Is that the trend now to only have one? Do you think they are actually removing the tassles or tucking them inside the bag? Please let me know your thoughts and feedback on tassles! Thanks!
  2. If it's a city, they are probably just tucking the zipper in. I tuck my zipper in because I think i look like a dork with the zipper out.
  3. Elongreach - do you have all your tassles on the bag including the one for the mirror? I am afraid to take mine off because it is a pain to put it back on but the 4 tassles kinda drive me crazy.
  4. A friend took all her tassels off as soon as she bought her bag...then a few days later she realized they actually serve a purpose: as zipper pulls!!:yes:

    I keep all my tassels on....i like the way it looks like that. :shame:
  5. Call me crazy, but I actually remove my outer pocket tassle on all my bags. I just don't love having so many "strings" in the way. I found when I'd be washing my hands in gross public places that the tassles would fall into the sink, etc. and just get in the way. I don't get into the outer pockets that much, so I figured I didn't need the zipper pull on it. People probably think I'm a nerd, but just my personal preference.
  6. I keep all my tassles where BalNY put them when I bought the bag. I don't move them myself, but I do tuck in the tassles on the zipper on the city. Well not really tuck them in, but tuck the ends in and zip the bag to the center. The mirror is usually tucked inside of the bag. I don't move that either because I'm vain and like to look at myself as much as possible. However a lot of the girls here take the mirror off.
  7. i got all the tassles out, i love the way it swings... but i definetly not hanging my mirror & its tassles outside, i keep the mirror in the box, i don't have much use of it anyway.
  8. My solution was to CUT the tassles. I have a City. So I took the main compartment tassle and cut it in half. Then each half went on to those two main zippers. Then I snipped 1/3 of the outer pocket tassle and stuck it back on. So now I have one extra "extra" tassle and one 2/3's of an extra.

    I like how it looks sooooooo much better :P
  9. Great idea!:angel: I think I am going to do that with my city>
  10. i like having options... sometimes I wear tassels in, sometimes out, sometimes with the strap on, sometimes with it off (and all tassels combos ina dn out)... I get like 4 different styles :yes:

    I dont cut my tassels. *shakes head*
  11. I really like my tasseles!
  12. i adore my tassles! no cutting for me. barbara at the lovinmybags retied my tassles wrong with 2 from top and mirror tassles as tassle on front pocket. so i have 4 tassles on top. its cute, i havent retied it yet and it should be back from tweaking nest week!!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  13. I kept my mirror on for like a week - it was such a PITA to open and close the bag because the mirror tassle would get caught in the zipper if I closed it in - and then the mirror got ultra scuffed/scratched - I took it off. Do people actually keep the mirrors hanging off of the bag?

    That's what I was thinking. I don't tuck my zippers in on purpose, it kinda just happens - I tend to keep my bag unzipped alot.
  14. I've been thinking of cutting my tassles as well. They are starting to annoy me, plus the zipper pull tassle has split in half so now I have 4 tassles which is super annoying.
  15. My mirror is still tied to the tassle on the outside the way I purchased it from NM in SF but I tuck the mirror in the inside the bag so it does not dangle from the bag. The tassle of the mirror sometimes gets caught in the zipper of the bag as well as the other tassles I tuck in.
    I just don't want to ruin my tassles especially since my bag is white.