Tassle Glove Roxanne?

  1. I resisted temptation on this one it was a gorgeous deep purple with over stitch embroidery nearly half price at £356 from £695. as it was glove leather though it was alot lighter than the darwin which would be a plus i think :wtf:
  2. Would love to see it IRL. Well done for resisting temptation:angel:
  3. do i kick myself for a missed oppertunity ? there is one on eBay in a really deep green (not my cup of tea) but the bag is the same with the embroidery detailing on in the same colour thread. i don't know if the tassel range will cotton on or whether these were just an edition of a classic -loved the glove leather though it was to die for. roxanne?purse?roxanne? purse i just don't know now. mulberry gives me such a headache x:rolleyes:
  4. The Tassle Phoebe In Green Is On The Forum For Photo Reference
  5. Don't kick yourself for a missed opportunity :lol: The Tassel Roxanne has been hanging around the outlet for at least a year now. I don't think the tassel ranges sold that well as they always seem to have them in stock. If you really love it then great, but it's definitely not as popular as the classic Roxanne or Phoebe, if that's what you're trying to work out.