Tassle and mirror question

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  1. So my first city in ink arrived yesterday and I just love it:love: :love:
    I was just wondering how long do you wear your tassles. I thought there were too long and looked funny so I cut them. Do you always take the mirror with you and leave it attached to the bag? Because I'm not sure what to do with it. I don't like it when it's attached to the outside of the bag. I'd love to hear your feedback!!
  2. Tanja, you must, must, must post pics of your bag. I would love to see it. I took my mirror off as it was swinging around everywhere and I was worried it would be broken (or pulled off). The tassels don't bother me, I like them long and dangly. How much did you cut them?
  3. I cut them about the half and to me it looks better now. I'll post pics this afternoon when I come back from work. I'm so happy with it. I really can understand the enthusiasm about the b-bags now. I'm sure that isn't my last one. I would love to get a first as well.
  4. I take my mirror out too and leave it in the sleeper bag. I do find the pocket tassle long and have been wanting to chop it as well;)
  5. I take the mirror out. I keep the length of the tassles as I love them dangling about.
  6. I keep my mirror tucked in the front pocket. The tassels I leave as is...except, I keep getting them caught in my car door. :amazed:
  7. i wont leave with out a mirror so i am looking for a louis vuitton multicolor mirror but i keep them in side my purse
  8. I have a silver pocket mirror with my initials engraved and I always take it with me in my cosmetic pouch so therefor I put my b-bag mirrow in its sleeper.
  9. I've thought about cutting my tassels too, but I'm chicken :unsure: So, I would really love to see a pic of yours! As for the mirror, I take it off the bag and store it with the tags and tassels. By the way, congratulations on your new bag!!
  10. I've always left the mirror attached and tucked it inside the bag. That way I can find it easily. I never considered taking it off or putting it in the pocket!
  11. On my bordeaux weekender I used the extra tassle and added it on the zipper pull (I felt like the tassle was too short! :lol:), and just put the mirror in the front pocket

    (I love love love the tassle's)

    On my sky blue hobo, I tuck it inside - on my '04 rose city I took the extra tassle and saved it as an extra tassle (since it would be hard to find once the tassle's become unusable - I want to have as many extra's as possible) and put the mirror in the front pocket.
  12. I detached the mirrors from my bags and put them inside the bags. I like the tassels just as they are so I haven't touched them.
  13. I took off the mirror from my bordeaux first too. They were just annoying to me.
  14. OMG - I can't believe you cut your tassels down! That's what makes a B-bag a B-bag!

    I keep my mirror tied to one of the handles but inside my bag (I also keep my atm card in the slot - I can't even begin to tell you how handy this is in terms of "finding" it!!)
  15. I took the mirror off and stowed it away with the extra tassels - I'm too afraid of breaking it. :shame: I have a mirror in my make-up bag anyway.

    As for the tassels on the front pocket, I just hooked it through one of the handles. That way it still hangs down, but not as far.
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