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  1. I have recently noticed that the tassels on my Stanwich bag are getting a little wild. How do I tame them without damaging them? I've heard I can use hairbands but won't they leave indentions in the leather?
  2. I use coated hairbands. They don't leave marks on my hair or on my tassels. ;)
  3. Me too. I use coated hairbands. Don't put them on too tight!
  4. Okay, I'll try these.
  5. I'm using my DS's Orthadontic rubberbands. However they tend to roll off easily, but they still work. My problem is I forget they are on there sometimes and I notice them when I'm out and about. :smile: I'm not having a problem with my tassels though. Are you guys in a warmer climate? Could it be humidity?
  6. We live in a humid climate but it hasn't been that warm yet. Our weather here is pretty much unpredictable. They're probably looking wild because I keep playing with them.
  7. :smile:
  8. LOL... Funny cause always forget to take mine off and notice it when I see myself in pictures. I use the coated hair ties too and put them on the very ends. Through trial and error, I found that, that works best to eliminate dents.
  9. My As Is Stanwich arrived with one strand of one tassel sticking out like Pippi Longstocking's hair. Other than that, the bag was in great shape. So I just popped the hairband on it. I ended up going out with it still on there, too. :lol:
  10. StillPooh... What color did you end up getting?? Florentine or Toledo?
  11. I thought Stanwich referred exclusively to the Florentine satchels. :confused1: I bought red and natural.
  12. Pics please!

  13. Yes the Stanwich is only in the florentine leather. Though it's the same design, the Toledo leather one is called the Toledo Satchel. It's deceiving because they look the same in terms of design. At least that's how they are named in Dooney's website.
  14. I have the Toledo Stanwich and the leather is different from my Florentine bags. My Toledo Stanwich has a slight shine to it and is a little lighter in weight than my Flo bags. Maybe I'm confused! 😏
  15. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397835386.784979.jpg

    This is my Toledo...