1. I just called BalNY to get some replacement tassels for my new (to me) 05 bordeaux First but they didn't have any :sad: Does anyone know of anywhere else to get them? Does Aloha Rag sell them? The ones on now are all split and kinda dirty. HELP!
  2. I tried calling them last week and they told me the same thing. Just try calling them again in a few weeks and hope they have them in stock.
  3. Are they planning on stocking previous seasons tassels too or just current season color tassels? Has anyone gotten tassels for '04 bags from them yet or know if they have any of those available?
  4. The girl that I talked to, who didn't give her name, gave me the impression that they would eventually get some in, but that they didn't have any NOW. She did tell me to ask for Joseph the next time I call. Maybe he handles the tassels?
  5. I have some s/s 04 yellows being sent to me...hopefully they'll be correct.
  6. They certainly have 04 color available, but from the way they handle these order I sense that they are not really happy selling them. I called one of the SA and give her a list of what I wanted, she has not returned my call for one week even after calling her 2-3 times.