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  1. I'm finding the tassel/zipper pull on my Black Crash TME to be too thin and delicate. I really have grab on pretty high up to get the zipper open. So I think a thicker, stronger tassel like the ones on the Love Me bags would make me happier. (Also, I'm not a huge fan of the cubes on the TME.)

    For anyone who has both bags, is the LM tassel thicker or is it just an illusion?

    It is possible for me to get a Love Me-style tassel? I would be willing to pay something to get one and I'm wondering if it's worth writing to Rose about. Thoughts, anyone? Is this just too petty to bother with?
  2. Hey Nomoreroom!

    Are you referring to the tassels on the outside zips on the handbag??

    I compared both and the TME "cubed" tassels are more fragile as there is only 1 strip of leather whereas, the LM has 2 strips.

    If you really use that front zip pocket, you might want to consider ordering 2 LM-style tassels. I haven't had any problems with mine, but it would definitely give you some piece of mind. They both look great so no problems there. :smile:
  3. I find all the BE tassels a bit fragile. That may be because they are single sided rather than 2 layers of leather stuck together like in some other brands.

    I also dislike the cubes but Jackie pointed out, very sensibly, that it is easy to cut them off. She also offered to send me longer cube-less tassels. I am sure that you could ask for this when ordering bespokes.
  4. I'd definitely contact Rose about this. She might be able to "arrange" for a spare set to be sent to you.
  5. Thanks, everyone. Yes, Contessa, the tassel on the outside zipper. I use that pocket a lot. (In fact, I wish there were two. Alas, only one on the TME.)

    Still deciding whether it's worth it to bug Rose about this or wait 'til the next bag. But at least you ladies have made me feel that I'm not crazy. :smile:
  6. I think you should ask Rose. I am sure that she will be happy to help.
  7. I dislike the cubes, too, so when I ordered my WTM I just asked Rose to put the zipper pulls on it like the LM. (Which I actually don't find all that delicate).