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  1. okay, i've seen about three threads for tassels. but, quick questions:

    1.) arent bbags supposed to come with spare tassels? mine didnt come with any. and i only got one contrallato card with it.

    2.) im afraid that if i pull too hard on the zipper, the tassels will rip, how careful should i be?

  2. Hi, yes they are supposed to come with a spare in the inside pocket. if they didn't, call the store where you got it and tell them- hopefully they will send you a set!
    PS- LOVE your bag!
  3. Yes, a new Balenciaga is supposed to come with a spare set of tassels, a card that says "Balenciaga" on the outside, nothing inside, a small hole punched in the top with black string and a teeny tiny safety pin attached to the string, a controllato card, and the card which shows the year, season, what the bag is made of, style no, etc. Recently they introduced a new card which basically says, "These bags are individually made from individual hides, variations are to be expected. These bags may fade, it's what makes them Balenciaga and 'vintage' looking, it's not a flaw with the bag, it's a 'characteristic'"

    I have yet to have tassels split on any one of my bags, I pull as close to the O ring as I can, not further down on the tassels.

    I wish you well,

  4. my tassles are holding up really well :tup:

    moving to Care & Maintenance....
  5. thanks called neimans today and they said that i would have to come in for them to do anything about it, which kind of makes me mad because it is about an hour and a half from where i live AND how is it my fault that it didnt come with tassels? grrrrr!!!! the neimans thats closer to me doesnt have balenciaga!!!
  6. I second hmwe46 on the tassles holding up well. I pull on the tassles tied to the o-ring zipper all the time to close my bag. It's been a few months of almost daily use and the tassles still looks great (no sign of stretching).
  7. I purchased a beautiful and classic black 'Work' Balenciaga bag from Selfridges in London and have gone through seven sets of tassels in less than a year and white threads are visible on the handles and the tabs on both ends of the main zip! Although I love my bag it is most annoying having to travel into Central London every few weeks because the tassels have split or completely fallen off. I have now made an official complaint. Today is approx. 2 months since i complained and Selfridges still have the bag (apparently Balenciaga have a very slow customer service system).
    Hopefully something is done before the end of the year!
    Balenciaga include a card that states in relation to the leather that "The cracking texture is deliberately done in non-uniform manner to achieve a vintage effect."
    However, there is no mention on the card that the tassels fall apart or split.
    I can see from the blogs that this is a huge problem. I would love to hear from anyone who has had similar experiences with the tassels on Balenciaga bags.
  8. Hi, i would speak to the handbag manager and tell her that she can look up a record of your transaction. There is no logical reason for you to come in, it's not like you have to show her some damage to the bag- It's just Tassles! Put a bit of pressure on her and get her to send them to you, if that doesn't work talk to the store manger about the POOR customer service you are getting! :cursing:Neimans can sometimes be snotty, so sometimes you gotta bully them back!( I always save that as a last resort):angel:
    Good Luck!