Tassels on a bag...Yay or Nay

  1. For the past couple of months I have been drawn to bags with tassels. Walking to and from the subway everyday, I at least spot a bag or two with a tassle. I just love them especially on the hayden-hartnett bags.

    Today i found this picture of Kylie with a beautiful bag with a lovely tassel. Any idea who makes this bag?


    Anywho, how do you feel about Tassels?
  2. I dig 'em!
  3. I love tassels! I have a Cole Haan zip around wallet with a tassel and it's fabulous! I'm waiting for some HH bags with tassels to be delivered this week
  4. OY! HH bags have lovely tassels, please post them when you get a chance!
  5. What's not to love about tassles! I think they are cute on a bag! I don't think I would like 10 of them hanging off of a bag, but one or two are pretty neat!
  6. thumbs up- if not overdone.
  7. Not overwhelming tassels, but but I think they can look hot! I have a black leather one with a tassel... looks good to me!
  8. I'm neither here nor there; I can't get over my paranoia that having an extra long tassel will entice purse snatchers. But I think (small) purse charms are adorable.
  9. I like them, especially on Balencaiaga's.
  10. depends! On a hot python Chanel Flap it's a:tup:
  11. ^^ That's a beautiful Chanel Swanky!
  12. I love the way they look on my vintage Fiore! Just enough!
  13. Love the tassels on my Bal Bowling!
  14. I love tassels! But I agree with keeping them minimal. I like having something to play with on my bags while riding the bus or waiting in a long line.
  15. I agree with most, i only like one or maybe two smalls ones.