tassels glued to o-rings?

  1. is it true that the tassels are actually glued to the orings?
  2. I don't think so... my cat ripped to of my tassles so I undid them and used the replacement tassles I got with the bag - there was no glue - they were simply tied.
  3. Definitely not glued, just knotted.
  4. okay then, thank you so much, i was worried that it was glued
  5. Sometimes they are glued. I've had 2 bags now where they were glued - I have no idea why, it's annoying as heck. :Push: You can see in this post - 4th photo is my rouge shoulder with its glued tassels - atelier.naff: Tassel angst
  6. Hi LP! Yes, I do remember when your rouge tassels were glued....that is the only time I've ever heard of it. But why would they glue them if they supply extras to replace the old ones? :shrugs:
  7. exactly who does the gluing? balenciaga or the stores that sell the bags?
  8. on my rouge vif work, the tassels are glued. is anyone elses from f/w 06 that way too?
  9. Balenciaga. It's very neatly done, too - I didn't realize until I tried to remove a tassel.
  10. mine weren't glued then.
  11. i think i rather not have them glue
  12. i just bought a new bag yesterday and saw different styles at the bal stores none of the tassels are glued