Tassels: A Dying Trend?

  1. Topic of contention!

    Hi darlings,

    I wanted to know your opinion on the Balenciaga tassels. Before Balenciaga became big, bags rarely had tassels and those that had them were the more western-cowboyesque ones. Now, many mid-range bags (Botkier, Bulga, etc) have tassels.

    Will the tassel trend die? And if it does, what will Balenciaga do in response, especially for existing bags? Will it start manufacturing tabs to attach to the holes where the tassels can be threaded through? And if they do, wouldn't it be tremendously tedious to manufacture according to every single seasonal color?

    For example, some Botkier bags can be made with tabs instead of tassels through special order, in the event that the customer does not like tassels.

    I love my Balenciaga (go Rouille!:love: ) but at the same time I expect myself to get bored or annoyed with the tassels as I grow older (I'm 19). I've seen pictures of Sienna Miller with her black classique without the tassels, and it still looks good, because Balenciaga's leather and style are beyond compare! I also know that some of you use keychains on the outerpocket, and I think that's adorable, but a bag can only have so many keychains before it starts looking overwhelmed.

    Thoughts, anyone? :blink:
  2. I actually cut the tassles on both B-bags I have because they were to long IMO. I am older and with the long tassles it looked to teeny for me and they are uncomfortable. I cut them to the length of the bags ( a first and a city) and that's as much tassle I can put up with. I know that it is a sacrileg to most of all B-bag fans but I like it better that way.
  3. me too, i cut the tassle of the front pocket into 2 equal halves and use one of them, so they don;t hang lower than the bag
  4. I think the tassel that make the bag cool & unique.. people first notice the bag bec of the tassel...
  5. If I grow old of the tassles I'll just cut them short, the length of the inner zipper tassle.
    Easy peasy.
  6. I love the tassels! They are part of what makes the design, in my opinion. Apropos of the death of the tassel trend, I passed the Gianfranco Ferre store on the way in this morning and they had a new white summer bag in the window with six huge (HUGE!) tassels. Made the B'bag tassels look demure...
  7. I also think there is a tassel overload now adays. Every bag seems to use tassel or whipstitch handles - i hate how everyone seems to be use either these just to jazz up a bag. YUCK
  8. I like my tassels, but I only like my city with 2. One on the main zipper and one on the very frount zipper. Just looks better to me.
  9. I like my HH bag. It has a big fat tassel but you can unclip it from the bag if you want to.
  10. I love my tassels...without it bbag will not be the same.
  11. i like the tassels- but I also like the bbag with cropped tassels... just depends on my mood.
  12. i don't mind the tassles when they are just 2 of them hanging, but when the 2 splits and becomes 4, that's when it starts getting tangled with everything. but i can't bring myself to cut them...
  13. I love the tassels, I think it's part of what makes the bag so appealing to me :biggrin:
  14. I could have written this exactly.

    I just got my first B-Bag (a medium city) last week ... and after 2 days, I trimmed them short. And as I did it, I thought --- if they (the PF!) knew I might get lynched!! :unsure: I have the spares in long form, but it was so NOT me too have those "strings" hanging as my husband called them!
  15. I love the tassels on B-bags!! It's what makes them so unique and funky.