Tassel Help

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  1. Help in finding the pics of the longer, larger tassels please!
    They are not on the Coach website. Anyone have an idea when they will be orderable?

  2. Are they planning on making tassels orderable separately? I thought they just came with the FNO kits...
  3. I'm wondering about this too. I hope they do start selling the longer tassels separately. So far all I've seen online are the kits and the key fobs with the shorter tassels.
  4. I think she means the charms in the fall preview with the longer tassels.
  5. I remember seeing the longer tassels in the preview too but as far as I know, they were never available. They were never shown online, and no one ever revealed one either. I've had my eyes open too because I really wanted a bigger one.
  6. Yeah, I think they could really add interest to some plainer bags, but I'd prefer the longer tassels. The fob tassels are cute too, but I'd rather they were longer like the ones in the kits.
  7. OK, checked again today, no luck, no longer tassels. (pouting)
    But I did order some goodies that should be arriving shortly (smiling)