Task for the new mod?

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  1. When they announce the new mod, how about a sticky for PCE? Everything could be posted there...what you want, did you receive a card, what you bought...etc
    What do you guys think?
  2. I think that's a good idea!
  3. Definitely!
  4. most definitely...if i see another pce thread, i am going to scream...
  5. ^^^^
    Me too......and for various reasons.....
  6. don't get me wrong, i love hearing about pce purchases...but we have 1.4 million threads about it (questions, answers, and everything in between)
  7. i agree on the first mod duty :wlae:
  8. Ditto.... if you're tired of it you know all us Coach SA's are ready to pull our hair out. I get PM's about it constantly! No offense to anyone, because I love answering everybody's questions and helping out where I can, but man, I can't wait till it's over!
  9. I agree, but a "main thread" is made for a lot of topics and people still post their own individual threads regarding the same exact things. :shrugs:
  10. between here and work, i think i need a few shots to last this pce! :wtf:
  11. *serves up the shots to sprinkles & sarah* :drinkup:

    mokoni has a good point, but if there is a main thread, the mods can just merge threads together. this happens all the time over in LV (I mention it because that's the only other forum I visit regularly) and they are great at merging threads.
  12. did i ever tell ya how much i loves ya, sprinkles? :P:yes:
  13. I'd be glad to help, trouble is, seems like there's a lot of different topics pertaining to PCE.
    Any thoughts?
  14. swanky, i can help you. i'll pm ya.
  15. OK ladies- FIESTA TIME! Margaritas for everybody!! I make mine with Grand Marnier and they are truly TDF! :party::drinkup::dothewave::tispy: