Tashkent Bi-Annual Sample Sale Aug 23 with other designers

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. I am going to try to make it. Bit of a trek, though.
  3. I am so jealous, I wish I lived in NY :[
  4. Hi Girls,

    I just spoke to Cheyenne from Tashkent, and she said that you can email her if you have specific inventory questions. Unfortunately, she won't be doing phone orders. For all you New Yorkers, don't miss this sale if you're a diehard Tashkent fan! I believe prices will be around 50%+ off!

    Cheyenne's email addy: chey@tashkentnyc.com
  5. Update:

    No phone orders, but she accepts email orders & there will be a $15 shipping charge
  6. I am sooooo happy that I went... Bought 3 pairs of Tashkent shoes and one cashmere sweater for $25.
    My friend bought several cashmere sweaters and a pair of Tashkent shoes for $25. WOW
  7. which styles did they have?
  8. did they have the colette??
  9. by 3pm they had a couple, but not in regular colors: red velvet and goldish/white leather.

    They had Schevchekos in honey and black; Ferguson in cream and grey, Flo in yellow and some other colors... I did not look as they did not come in my sizes; Liberty with fur lining for $50; several pairs of flat and heeled boots.. like Gus, the Oakwell [​IMG], but I am not familiar with boots, the Carrow [​IMG]

    many Walkers [​IMG]

    similar to Gudjohnson [​IMG]

    The Charltons as well:
  10. I bought these [​IMG]

    They also had Rinaldo

    The Baggio for $25
  11. oh the one you bought is super cute! Are they comfortable? How much were they?
  12. I bought Ferguson shoes in 36 (and I normally wear 35 or 35.5 max). They are super comfortable. I tried them at Funkylala a week ago, but in 38 and liked a lot, but assumed that 36 will be huge on me. Well, now I know that certain Tashkent shoes can actually fit me well in 36.
  13. There were many Uluru cashmere sweaters, dresses, cardigans, etc...

    This was all $25
    I bought this one

    Some were 45 and some 75 (dresses mostly), with some being around $100

    [​IMG]--tried this dress, but I was too short for it.
  14. These dresses were $25
  15. Wow, that sounds like a great sale! I'm so sad I missed it! You scored big time, Malishka!