Tasha on ebay???

  1. Gosh mare76, I am already all over that one. I have emailed for better static pictures. I so wanted that bag, but the US Choo boutiques will not be ordering it in. It is only available in European boutiques. Cross your fingers and wish me luck!
  2. Jburgh - how big is this Tasha? The seller does talk business.. :smile:
  3. Jburgh my fingers are crossed for you! It's such a cool colour and style, I hope it ends up being the real deal:okay:
  4. Why that little white hang-tag?
  5. Great color! Love it
  6. Seller sent me more pictures, none of them close-up or clear.
  7. Why are people selling these new SS 08 bags for these prices? First that Saba, then this bag???? This is kind of an offensive seller IMO...I'd be careful! Why would they sell this bag for so little? Because they choose to? Come on!!!!
  8. The "made in Italy" stamp is all WRONG - it ends nearly below the 2nd O in Choo.

    I also love this :
    i sell all my merchandise well below cost, so please do your research before you try to low ball me-- i know what i have and i know what its worth

    sounds masculine or a former experienced user to me.
  9. It is hard to tell if this is even real python...it looks a little plastic-y, and too regular.
  10. $200. in buyer protection? I don't think soooooo!
  11. I just can't believe how FAST the knock-offs are showing up these days. And some of them are getting pretty good. That black biker Ramona in the authenticate thread for instance. If Jburgh hadn't caught that one little zipper pull I would have sworn the bag was authentic. :push:

    The front plates have even gotten to be dead-on....how distressing. :sad:

  12. It is sickening! Hi Stinker!
  13. Hola!

    I think that Ramona has probably convinced me that I don't think I'll ever take a chance buying any bag on eBay unless I know the seller. I can't believe how authentic that bag looked, and yet you're absolutely right, the zipper pull is wrong. :tdown:

    I'm sure in real life the bag would feel/smell creepy (plus it's already losing "watersnake scales"), but going by most of those photos you would never know it was a fake. Just goes to prove you have to be REALLY careful these days! :yes:
  14. I totally agree with you Stinkerbelle! It would be so easy to get taken advantage of when purchasing handbags on ebay. Thank goodness we have you ladies to help us authenticate before buying! I too would only buy if the seller was one of you or if I knew the person. In the end, it really doesn't seem worth the risk!