Tasers as Self-defense weapons?

  1. I am seriously considering purchasing a Taser for myself...I feel that it is safer than a gun but more effective than pepper spray, etc...What is everyone's thoughts on this?? Anyone familiar with using Tasers?I have had both a family member and a family friend's daughter (Jackie Hartman, the Gilbert girl who was raped and murdered a few weeks ago) be attacked and I feel that this will make me alot safer.Thanks so much for everyone's opinions on the matter :smile:BTW, they start at like $300 for anyone else who's interested
  2. Courturegrl I am sorry for your loss. I'm in AZ and have been following this story. I have thought about buying a taser myself. I work nights at a nice hospital in a yucky area of town. It is scary walking in the parking lot. I don't work there but a last year a nurse was attacked at Scottsdale Osborn when she went to her car for a break. The attacker grabbed the girls stethoscope and choked her with it. She survived but to this day that story gives me the creeps! I agree tasers are much safer than guns.
  3. Just be careful with that thing.

    (When I moved to Toronto, I considered getting Mace or pepper spray . . . until I learned that those things are illegal, unless you're using them against dogs or bears.)

    I talked to my cousin who's a police officer and he said the best weapon you have is awareness of your surroundings.

    I'm sorry for your loss.

    A combination of awareness ofyour surroundings (and tasers) are great weapons.
  4. Personally I'd go for it it's better to have it an never use it than need it and have nothing.

    I have a spray that sprays a gel onto an attacker and turns them green or something (making them easier to identify) but it doesn't hurt them or anything if I could have pepperspray I'd total have it but also illegal in the UK or police don't even have guns (but I'll not get into that)

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend these things really bring it home to you about you own mortality

  5. I was not fortunate enough to know Jackie. My father and her father have been friends/coworkers for years.

    My dad and I met up with the search group for her on Saturday...on Sunday, they found her body just a few miles away from where we were.:sad:

    **Thanks to everyone for their input. I am def. nervous about carrying a Taser around, but I feel it will be effective if (God forbid!) I will ever need to use it.
  6. My MIL was beaten at gun point last year and I wish like all hell she had a taser. She was left in a beaten heap on the ground with 2 black eyes, 2 broken teeth and badly bruised ribs etc...I wish she could have done something to protect herself. (this happened at one of the biggest tourist parts of our little town!) If you it would give you comfort to have one then you should.
  7. i would get one if it makes you feel safer. however: (i know it goes without saying but....) please learn how to use it correctly and how to keep it in your possession during an attack. i used to carry pepper spray in college and wanted to upgrade to a taser as soon as i was able. then i accidently sprayed myself with it one day....if it was that easy to hurt myself in a non confrontation, i can't imagine the damage it would do if someone got it away from me. a taser would be just that much more debilitating. they really knock you out. (one of my co workers bought one for his wife and the guys at work were testing it on each other one day :rolleyes:)

    ultimately a women's self defense seminar made me feel much much safer than anything i could carry.
  8. my fiancee is a state trooper, and he said that the oc spray is very effective, however, a taser might be faster, but how would you carry a taser? are they big or small...the ones the police use are bigger, but I would imagine the ones available for purchase are smaller?
  9. So sorry for your losses!!
    My mother in law carried a taser for a while. It was years ago, the thing was very cumbersome. It was quite large and heavy plus the batteries made it heavier. She stopped carrying it eventually cuz it took up too much space in her pocketbook..
    However- if it makes you feel safer, I say GO FOR IT!! God willing you will never need it, but God forbid you do, I hope it takes the dirtbag down!!
  10. Thanks so much for all of your feedback!!Sunshine, I am sooo sorry about your MIL! What a horrible experience!I am def. planning on doing more research before I purchase one...I believe the model I get still on pre-order and won't be available til April. It even comes in pink!! LOL I think its lighter and a bit smaller than the police tasers.I am also planning on taking self defense classes...those do seem very helpful!
  11. Get a taser - if it makes you feel safe and you will use it responsibly (ok, I am sure you will but you know what I mean....).

    Be safe, and sorry to hear about these sad and terrible events.
  12. Good point. If the attacker gets it out of your hands first you'd be in major trouble. Maybe use pepper spray as a first line then the taser.
  13. I am very sorry for y'alls bad experiences and hope that your MIL and family/friends are all coping well.

    As for the taser, check your state/local laws. For example, in RI its illegal to own a taser but LEGAL to own a machine gun (????). I carry mace with me EVERYWHERE and its small but powerful. Usually when I am walking alone I am carrying it in my hand so I can use it at any time and not have to rummage through my bag to get it (if I cant use it in a split second then what is the point in having it).

    If you get the taser, go to some type of training for it. Hope it all works out and let us know what you get.
  14. My SO wants to buy me one, but I'm hesitant to carry it. They are pretty large though, as his father has one. But Couturegirl, if it's smaller, lighter, and comes in pink, I'd carry that! :biggrin:
  15. Batgirl--thats how I am planning on carrying my Taser as well...always have it out when walking to the car, etc...such a good idea, IMHO :smile:

    Neeya--LOL I know!!! Love the pink!! Need to get a LV carrying case for it!! :smile: