Taschen Sale in Toronto, B2 has their Tutti in

  1. Hey Toronto people, I went to Taschen today, and they have everything except Famiglia on sale, for 30% off. They also told me that Tutti should be in soon. B2 has Tutti, but not a lot.
  2. wow, it was only 20% before!!! hehe

    they always have these sales and that's why they always get rid of all their bags...all they have are more recent prints...>< i wished they had more older prints + the sale!! =D=D
  3. Their sale prices aren't too shabby. It's their regular prices which kill me!

  4. how much higher than the MSRP are their regular prices?
  5. I think their prices are lower or the same than B2 or Stoneridge, which in any case, is higher than US prices by quite a bit.
  6. I suppose I could go and check them out, but I'm sad that she never got back to me after making it sound like I could work there!
  7. Ooooh which Taschen ? Is it the one close to the financial district ? Or all of them ?
  8. I saw this sale too at the King/Yonge location.
  9. Thanks !!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    I'm desperate for another Zucca to replace the one that my mom has taken from me. :cursing::cursing: