Taryn Rose worth the price?

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  1. I just dropped $500 on my first pair of Taryn Rose shoes--the Daelyn in red with wedge heels. I got them from Zappos and they'll arrive on Wed. Just curious if anyone has ever purchased TR and what your experience has been wearing them for long periods of time. Are they worth the price?? Would love to hear your input...thanks! :yes:

    Also, on a diff note...I heard that taryn by Taryn Rose is a much lower quality version of the brand...not made by hand and made in China. Anyone know much about the cheaper 'taryn' brand?
  2. I own that shoe in black. The sizing it tricky but it is very comfortable. I can wear it for 6-8 hours of walking (like a mall)or a long work day (office job) with no problems. This is my favorite brand (by far) and I think they are a good "investment" piece.

    One the bad side, while it's comfortable I have some 2" heels and boots I find more comfortable because the heel heights are lower. But the shoes is very supportive and my feet don't hurt.

    As for the Taryn by Taryn Rose brand I have tried 3 pairs. The first were some heels that felt OK but the shoe made my foot look wide. The others felt much cheaper. They are usually $200-300 range.

    I was happy when the line first came out because of the price but I haven't been happy with the ones I've odered and am sticking to the regular line (even though DH would kill me if he found out what I spend on shoes). It is the only brand that I'll shell out $500 for. They are that comfortable.

    If you aren't used to their sizing, it may take a few pairs to find the right size. I normally wear a size 8 1/2 and wear 39 in heels, 39.5 in flats, and 40 in some of her older styles I have found on sale in boutiques.
  3. I haven't heard a thing about the lower quality version?
    I would like to learn more - thanks for posting.
  4. I have a pair of TR thong sandals. One of the most comfortable shoes I own. Like walking on cushioned air.
  5. I have many pairs of Taryn Rose and I love them. The sizing can be tricky though, so be prepared for exchanges if you order online. With Zappos, it's not a problem since they have free shipping and return shipping.
  6. Just saw this thread.....I have a few pairs of Taryn Rose flats and IMHO they are worth every penny! They are incredible comfortable, and cute too!
    If you look at Nordie's now, you can get a few styles on sale!
  7. Hmm, I think I saw a 20% of coupon for Taryn Rose somewhere. I may have to try them.