Taryn Rose Question

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  1. Did Taryn Rose file bankruptcy? My husband swears he read it somewhere but I can not find out anything about it. Has anyone heard or read about that happenning?
  2. I have not heard this, and a Google search yielded no information. However, don't fret if you are a Taryn fan: companies file bankruptcy all the time and this doesn't necessarily mean they are going anywhere. Sometimes it is just a way to reorganize (Chapter 11 bankruptcy).

    P.S. My mom just discovered TR and she is in love. She got 4 pairs at the Orange County, CA outlet.
  3. What happened to the OC outlet, I called the number Wednesday, and it was disconnected? TIA!

  4. I haven't heard that- I hope not! great shoes!

  5. I am not sure! She got the shoes within the last month, but they were also on super-sale (I'm talking $2400 worth of shoes for $400!) so maybe they were clearing out inventory and closing the outlet? I will ask her and let you know.
  6. Ya, I hope Taryn Rose doesn't go bankrupt either. I really like her shoes for work.
  7. I heard that all her shoes are on sale for $69 at 6pm.com, which to me, signifies a major manufacturer liquidation.
  8. Oh, that would be great, I'd appreciate it. Could you PM please, because I'll probably forget to come back on this thread. Thanks a lot!