Tarten bag lining - when did it stop?

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm popping my forum cherry with a question!

    Does anyone know when the tarten lining stopped being used in Mulberry bags? I have a teeny tiny Mulberry bag that I bought on Evilbay some years ago but it's sat in a drawer ever since because I realised it's just too damn small for all my bits and bobs! I'm 99% sure it's genuine but am trying to do some research on it before selling it on to a good home.

    A bit more description of the bag: it's pale yellow, has tan leather hand straps, is about 8" in height and width. If it has a name then i'd love to know what it is!!

    Kat x
  2. If you post a photo I am sure one of the girls will know more about what it might be :smile:
  3. I think the tartan stopped early 1990s. I had a few bags with tartan lining, all congo leather.
    Post a pic of your bag and we'll see if we can name it for you.
  4. 008c.jpg


    Hi all,

    I've uploaded a couple of photos to give you a sense of size, colour, and hopefully so we can ascertain its authenticity! Let me know what you think...

  5. It looks like a bell. It is in what I call 'the crossover period' age-wise, as it has 'vintage' checked lining but a more modern (although not current) leather label. I would say it is about 8(ish) years old, give or take a year or so.
  6. Wow, thanks! Now I'm not sure if I should part with it or not... :confused1:
  7. The tartan lining stopped around 2002/03. Mulberry used a black or black/cranberry satiny material Mulberry tree lining between 2002/03/04, then Mulberry produced the suede interiors & some interior cotton Mulberry tree linings 2004 onwards....hope that makes sense lol