Tarte mineral pressed powder

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  1. I was at sephora today and bought this because the girls there recommended it. I was wondering if anybody has used this before, and how they like it. It was 30 dollars after tax (yikes haha)
  2. Never used the powder, but love their tinted moisturizer (smooth operator) and their gel cheek stains.
  3. they said its supposed to be similar to bare minerals but in a pressed form.. That it goes on really smoth. Im scared to try it haha I should have tried it in the store but had make up on and i was on my 15 minute break.
  4. Omg! I love their tinted moisturizer too! :smile:
  5. I haven't tried that powder, but have tried the pressed form of glominerals. It was ok--too heavy of an application when I used the enclosed puff. But it looked good when I applied with a brush. Also--so much better for traveling than loose minerals!
  6. I am quite possibly the biggest Tarte fan on the planet, I would love to rave about it to you.

    The Pressed Powder is my HG powder, and it has been for the past 3 years, each one lasts about 4-6 months depending on if you wear makeup everyday never fail or if some days you just do tinted moisturizer. The powder goes on like a dream and will not break you out (Prescriptives and BE broke me out something awful).

    Their tinted moisturizer Smooth Operator is sheer and creates this wonderful illuminance from within type deal. It provides minimal coverage, so if you want more coverage, try their limited edition Peaches & Cream foundation for a medium-heavy coverage. Talk about perfect skin! All of the Tartelettes on the Tarte Blog are in love with it and are stock piling it since it's Limited Edition.

    Their concealer, the Eraser, equally as fantastic, it covers up really well, it eliminates my undereye circles completely.

    I follow all of that with the Pressed Powder, and if I want a sheer coverage just to set the moisturizer/foundation, I use their handy dandy Kabuki Brush and if I want a more opaque coverage, I use the sponge provided. It never looks cakey, flakey, unnatural, or matte, like someone battered your face with cosmetics. It's very beautiful coverage, everyone just thinks I have amazing skin. The powder is absolutely worth the price, it is the only one I trust, and they're packaged so cute!

    PS: In the summer, I live for their Little Blot Book, it provides a powder that I dust on my T-Zone before I use the pressed powder and it keeps all of the oilies away. If I should so happen to sweat because I'm getting on the subway in NY and it's hotter than an over in there, the Little Blot Book also has blotting sheets for you to use. It's the cutest packaging!
  7. i didnt like it though. it kinda dried my skin and made it look cakey.

    great packaging though.
  8. I love the lip stuff, the chapstick-y one and also the gloss. Love it.