Tartan Wallet?

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  1. I have the outlet holding a Tartan wallet for me, but didn't ask the number of it. It is only $88! How many red/black Tartan wllets are there? Does anyone have pics of the inside an of what they hold? TIA!
  2. I would imagine it's the larger one because the smaller one is $78 FP

    The larger one is a zip around wallet with a front zipper pocket and a back pocket.
    The inside has a zipper on one side (could be used for coins) and the other side has a large pocket with either 2 columns of 3 card slots or 4, so it's either a total of 6 or 8 card slots ... I believe 6 total

    I have it but am too lazy to dig it out before I get ready to go to work

    You can also fit a checkbook inside and if you use it to go out, you could store your keys and perhaps cell inside and still zip it shut ... I love mine to death & I don't even like large wallets or zip arounds!
  3. Thanks! All she said was it was pleated and zipped.
  4. She also said they had a clutch and wristlet...hmmm. I wont be able to make it because they close at 6 today, but maybe I can call back. I just wondered if anyone had one.

  5. I just picked this up at Jackson today. I have more on hold and will post everything I decide to get tomorrow, but heres the wallet. Its the cutest thing, and yes around $88 sounds right.
    poppy tartan 005.JPG poppy tartan 006.JPG
  6. Nice! Thank you!