Tartan the new thing for fall?

  1. I keep hearing that tartan is the thing for fall.

    Has anyone else heard this?

    Thank you.
  2. Yup. It's supposed to be the next big thing--just like how the little black dress is back, leggings, skinny pants, capes, etc. It's been all over my Elle, Vogue, Bazaar, Lucky, Shop, Etc. InStyle magazines. As you can see--I'm a magazine junkie :P
  3. Cool. I have a cute little Timmy Woods plaid wool frame bag I bagged at Marshall's for $10. Time to bring that baby out!
  4. Yes, plaid is in especially in blazers. The Today Show had a piece on this just this morning! Plaid and leopard prints will be big for fall :nuts:
  5. Yes, plaid is huge for fall, but more on clothing than bags....
  6. Oh! Ok! Thanks ladies.

    Hubby came home from a business trip with a tartan Dooney and told this- me- and I thought he was just fibbing.

    Then I saw it on a Project Runway board. And knew someone here would know the truth!

    Thank you!
  7. Yup..the new Teen Vogue (yes I know I'm not a teen lol) also has a bunch of tartan pieces in it and features a few Burberry items as well.
    It's making me really want one of their plaid kilts lol.
  8. Wish my hubby would come home with handbags for me. Never gonna happen!