Tartan at the outlets?

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  1. I am so behind, but I love the Tartan Glam? (I think that's what it's called) and I was wondering if these are in outlets yet, since I can't seem to find them on the website anymore? :sad:
  2. I don't think anyone has found them at outlet, but some have found them at the Dillards sale. They were sold out I believe from the FP stores so we may not be seeing them hit the outlets. Perhaps department stores might have them but they are slim too.

    The other Glam ones are at the outlet.
  3. I know i have recently fallen in love with the black and red tartan tote as well but i think i am out of luck. We don't have dillards and Macy's is sold out.
  4. I know they have the Large wristlets and the small wristlets in the red/black plaid at the outlets,( I got the small wristlet yesterday for $26.00)...If I'm right, the totes are pretty much sold out..Try Ebay, I have seen a few on there...HTH
  5. My outlet (Niagra Falls, Canada) had the tartan totes. They got them in on Friday morning. They also had tons of the tartan wallets and wristlets (only in the red and black) and ponytail scarfs in pink and red.
  6. I know they are hard to come by in the outlets, if they show up at all. My outlet was supposed to be getting one of the Tartan Spotlights though.
  7. Awesome!! Wish I lived up there!!
  8. So I wanted to bump this up again because more Tartan Glams and Groovys are showing up on the bay. Anyone spotted either of these at their outlet?
  9. I was able to find a Tartan Glam Tote at my outlet in Michigan. They only had one. I have not seen another one, just the wristlets and zip wallets.
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