Tarrago Self-Shine Kit (Dye) on a "Giant" wallet

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  1. This new-to-me wallet was won in an online auction. I knew it needed some TLC - it was a touch worn in spots and faded in places. I ordered a Tarrago self-shine kit.

    Here is my journey, captured in "Before", "During", and "After" shots! :smile:

    These are the "Before" pictures:

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  2. These are the "Durings". It's here when your heart stops a little - you've rubbed the "shiny" off the wallet...and there's no turning back.

    It looks a little porous. The dirt that came off the wallet was astounding! It still looks a little dirty. Some of the dirty spots are actually more dirty-looking because the wallet is damp/wet from the cleaning solution that comes with the kit.

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  3. It took 4 very thin coats of the Tarrago Self Shine dye... It got all over the hardware! Q-Tips wouldn't get it off... but I found a YouTube video of a very helpful lady who died her PomPom Bal... she removed the dye from her hardware using a make-up brush. Such a brilliant idea!

    This is what the hardware looked like all covered in dye

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  4. Here she is in all her glory.

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  5. Really impressive :smile: How does the leather feel after dying? Is it still soft or has this plasticy feel?
  6. Amazing results. I have also dyed (changed color) using Tarrago self-shine and loved it.
  7. On my bag the leather is soft, it is not that soft on the handles and the strap.
    However, the leather on my new Jaune Poussin feels exactly the same on the handles and the strap so I have no complains about Tarrago making the leather less soft. I wouldn't call it plasticy but of course it is a dye which stays on and does not penetrate so you would expect a feel of it.
  8. Thank you. Is this any dye transfer or peeling? Your bag looks so lovely- electric blue :loveeyes: It was so brave move - most ladies here go for black dye. Taking risk was so worth it :smile:
  9. The wallet feels great! Ever so slightly more "slippery" than the "drag" you feel over the plain leather, you know what I mean? After all, it now has a thin layer overtop... Plus she looks brand new!!!

    I also just finished dyeing my Blue Twiggy! I'll update the other post in a few :smile:
  10. Thanks for the info. I didn't realize Twiggy thread was yours as well :smile: I'm waiting for any updates- I have faded sky blue so I'm looking forward to see your results :smile: But I'm still too scared for dyeing mine ...
  11. I hated what the Fiebing's penetrating dye did to it. It went SO DARK! The Tarrago Self-Shine seems to be a great solution! The twiggy looks more like she should. The problem with Tarrago Dye is that it leaves the leather looking flat, whereas the penetrating dyes let the actual leather show through. I'm still happy with the results, though.

    Twiggy is hanging in my closet right now with a couple cans of soup inside - lol. Once I clean off the hardware I can take proper "after" pictures.
  12. Kudos !!
  13. Would be great to see your final results :smile: Is cleaning all the hardware difficult?
  14. It's time consuming! A little acetone, a whole lotta q-tips, a small firm brush and a whole lotta patience :smile:
  15. There is absolutely no color transfer, no peeling, no flaking, no chipping, no fading ... nothing. I am so glad I did it. It took me four days, but I did it. The hardest part was taking the Fiebings dye off the Rose Gold Hardware. I made a mistake not covering it and I had to use alcohol and nail remover to clean it. But the hardware stayed nice and shiny. Thank God it is Rose Gold and not gold or silver. It wouldn't have been nice then. But the bag is perfect and I have used it many times, though I had never used it before when it was pink and yellowed.