tarrago dye - how is it holding up?

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  1. kristinarussell's post inspired me to try to get feedback from people who have dyed their purses a while ago. I wanted to seei fi could get feedback into 1 thread. my general questions are:

    1. is the color holding up well?

    2. does it transfer when dry? when wet?

    3. how did people do zippers? - if you used the dye on the zipper is that holding up well?

    4. how opaque is the color? Can you really go from dark to light? can you go between 2 different colors of the same darkness? ex can you paint a medium blue bag red without ending up with purple?

    5. has anyone had luck with the metallics?

    TIA from an impatient wanna-be handbag dyer
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    Last edited: Jul 21, 2009

    I can speak up as a handbag resuscitation "expert". This bag pictured above was a horrible dirty, salmon color when I got her and I dyed her red with 3 coats, over 3 days, last year.

    It has never transferred while carrying it (dry only). I rotate it around, and have carried her mostly last winter (my light color bags are in rotation now). The color however is holding up perfectly. There is no cracking or loss of color in any way, shape or form.

    I did not dye the zippers. Any metal that was coated was easy to fix after she dried, just a wet qtip was enough to buff out any red dye that got onto the gold hardware.

    I haven't tried metallics, no experience to offer there.

    Hope this helps and good luck! Dyeing handbags takes nerves of steel, but I have enjoyed it with great results.
  3. alissa, your bag looks great! Can I ask which type of dye you used (i.e. penetrating, self-shine, etc)? I'm think about turning one of my gray bags into a dark green.
  4. Thank you, happy! I used the self shie and ended up going through almost 2 bottles worth of dye in the overall process, but it looks great. :biggrin:

    I encourage you to go for it!
  5. How long does the shine last with the self-shine? Has it dulled down or is it still shiny?
  6. I dyed my Black Balenciaga which was a sickly color of green, back to black last Fall (I believe). It turned out amazingly well...smooshy, soft, etc....and has held up beautifully!
  7. That's a great dye job, alissa!
  8. bump!

    any more stories?
  9. I actually didn't like Tarrago dye. I used the Self Shine kind to dye a red bag black. I think the problem was that the leather on the bag was too smooth, but I found that when the bag was scratched, I could peel off the paint like sunburnt skin, to give you a (somewhat gross) illustration. I ended up getting rid of the bag :sad:. The next time I dyed a bag, I used Fiebings leather dye, which is an actual dye rather than a coating. Fiebings doesn't give you the beautiful, smooth, glossy finish (it's matte), but the color penetrates and can't be peeled off.
  10. good thread! I'm curious to hear more as well...
  11. I do not like Tarrago self shine dye either, I once ruined a perfectly good pair of tan leather shoes with it, the dye peeled like crazy when I used them and I ended up throwing them away. I would only buy penetrating leather dyes now, I have done a really good job with dying some inexpensive items black (a pair of gloves, short boots and boyfriends winter shoes) with the penetrating leather dye. The dye I used was Nero d'Inferno, I bought it really cheap from Ebay. It has not lifted off when I have polished the leather. I would still think twice about dying an expensive bag though.
  12. This is really good to know. I would like to try Fiebings, if they had the color I needed. I have tried Meltonian and that works pretty well too.
  13. I highly recommend Fiebings. Good luck!
  14. i just ordered the tarrago self shine. guess i ought to go ahead and get fiebings as well
  15. Anyone have good results with the tarrago penetrating dye? Is a top-coat needed to 'seal' the dye in?