Tarnishing of chloe hardware


Aug 18, 2011
Hi all,

I bought a black chloe marcie from reebonz.com about a year back.

Recently, when I took it out from the dustbag, noticed the the gold hardware seems to be tarnished. (Will post pics when I'm more free.)

Usually it is stored in a dustbag. I haven't used it very much either.

Does anyone else experience the same problem with chloe hardware? (by the way, i'm living in singapore, so maybe the humid weather has something to do with it?)

Is there anyway to get it shiny and new again?

thanks all:smile:
This usually happens with any kind of metal, from hardware on handbags to jewellery. I find that the silver polishing cloths you can buy, and which you get given for free with any Tiffany jewellery, do the trick and get hardware all shiny again but try not to rub the cloth against the leather, although that shouldn't matter much with a black bag but it can leave dark marks on a lighter shade.

It's exposure to oxygen that causes it, I have a special jewellery box with an interior lining designed to counteract tarnishing, it's called PreZerve. Unfortunately it's not big enough to keep any of my bags inside though!