Tarnishing Hardware?

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  1. I understand that the GOLD Hardware on the Hermes Birkins and Kelly is plated(?). Did anyone have a problem with the hardware tarnishing?

    I'm a bit concerned because the GH zipper of my Birkin looks tarnished even though it is brand new...:crybaby: Everything else outside looks perfect....Why is this so? I never had this problem with my Palladium Hardware one...Is this a defect? :confused1: :sweatdrop:

    Anything I can do to get rid of it?
  2. I would head to the nearest boutique and send the bag to the craftman to check it. I have a Kelly from 1984 and the hardware is pristine - no hint of tarnish even on the feet.
  3. my orange kelly with GH have some tarnishing one of the loop by the handle. its 3 yrs old and its just tiny it doesn't bother me. but when more tarnishing develops, its going in!
  4. Here are my tips on tarnished hardware or gold, I work in the jwelry business, so what we do on the tarnished 10kt, 14kt, and streling silver are the use of Tarn-X (sorry if I misspell it, it's a black bottle and usually can be found at your local supermarket), we dip the and rinse off with water, it always works wonderfully.

    So I did it with small size Q-tips with the Tarn-X on my vintage kelly (the one on the avatar), because it has some tarnishes here and there on the plates and on the loops, and it worked great, afterwards I just put some hardware oil to prevent them for more oxidizing.

    I don't know how deep their gold hardware are plated, so I wouldn't dare to polish it myself, but I think the palladium are made by palladium not plated, that's why they don't tarnish as easy as the gold..? But if the tarnishes are serious I'd bring it in to the craftsmen. HTH :yes:
  5. ^^I LoveThatThing in your avatar! :graucho:
  6. lovethatthing, where can you get tarn-X? tia
  7. Thanks Bagg :P! Isn't color white lovely on H bag :graucho:?

    Pazt, they're usually found at supermarket (Walgreen, Walmart, etc.) and hardware stores (Home Depot, etc.) or you can look it up at Amazon, they might have it also. Thye're really cheap like a few dollars only. BTW. they're gentle on the metals, but they smell pretty darn bad (ammonia), so beware ;)
  8. Thanks LoveThatThing! I'll go search for that!

    There is no tarnishing whatsover on the straps, the turnkey, the feet, or even the strap holders....those are pristine.
    What is tarnished is the zipper inside the bag. :crybaby:

    I looked at it again and the zipper inside seems to be made of a different alloy than the hardware outside?

    Anyone else can take a look at the zip of their gold hardware bag and advise me on the condition? :confused1:
  9. Oooh...and yes...Your kelly is TDF!!!