Tarnished locks and keys

  1. I bought my Damier speedy a couple of weeks ago and the lock that came with it was horribly tarnished. It was VERY dark in color with some black spots. One of the members on here recommended cleaning it with a polishing cloth. So, I tried it and it looks NEW!!!!! I used Tiffany's silver polishing cloth and it turned all black by the time I was done.

    So, anyone who has tarnished hardware, try using Tiffany's polishing cloth. You can get it at any Tiffany & CO store and it costs either $5 or $10 (depending on the size of the cloth)

    Just thought I'd share with you!
  2. Thanks.
  3. You can also buy Brasso, at Kmart, etc. and it works great. May be cheaper in the long run since a container will last forever.
  4. Thanks for the tip!:smile: All of my locks have tarnished so I will try and polish them!!!
  5. That tiffany's polishing cloth works WONDER!!
  6. I've used Brasso on one of my locks and it looked brand new.
  7. Thanks for the tip!:biggrin::flowers:
  8. You can also use Sunshine polishing cloth. It's less abrasive.
  9. Or...toothpaste, it works too.
  10. Cool tip!! Thanks :cool:
  11. Mr. Metal by Goddard's. I use pea size with a soft cloth. :tup:
  12. THanks for the idea!
    I should try it- although my lock and keys aren't that tarnished from having been used for the past 5 months!
  13. thanks for the tip
  14. ohh thanks for the heads up!! I have one of those cloths and a brand new, still in the box lock that is terribly tarnished! Cant wait to get ahold of it with the cleaning cloth!
  15. Thanks for the tips, esp. for the toothpaste one! I live in Italy so I don't know your products! But tell me, is it okay any toothpaste??? Silly question I know, but there are so many on the market, I don't want to use an abrasive one...