Tarnished lock on the speedy that I just bought

  1. I bought Damier Speedy 25 two days ago. I LOVE it!!!!! I have pics but since my Internet is down and all the pics are on my computer, I can't post them until Tuesday or Wednesday. Anyway, the lock on the speedy is a little tarnished and not even in color. Should I go back to LV and ask them to exchange it? Or should I try to clean it?

  2. Try to clean it first, and if it doesn't work, take it back:biggrin:
  3. Since you just got it I say take it back.
  4. I agree with taking it back. It's too new to have this problem! Good luck.
  5. I think alot of them are like that because they sit in the back. Bags are not made and shipped with locks. They are added at the store level. If you use a silver polishing cloth (no liquid) it cleans it right up.
    If not return it.
  6. Just return it and save yourself the trouble of cleaning it.
  7. Try to clean it.
  8. I would go back to the store and get a new one..
    Cleaning is too much work imo...! :huh:
  9. good advice!
  10. Thanks! I'm going to be near LV today and I'll see if I can exchange it...if not, I have Tiffany's silver polishing cloth that I can try.
  11. Tell us how it goes.