Tarnished & Flaking zipper pulls and metalwork

  1. I LOVE my LVs, but I am a little disheartened that the metal-work (especially the zipper pulls) tarnishes and flakes so easily.

    For the price we pay - I don't understand why they can't make the metal solid (ie. brass, nickle, etc.) instead they use a cheap metal and coat them with cheap 'finishes' that flakes.

    My question is - will LV replace these zippers? Has anyone here had it done? How much do they charge?

    I have a few GLACE and MONO pieces with flaking zipper pulls - and it bugs me to death! :cursing:

    Thanks all! :smile:
  2. That's odd, I thought they were solid brass...I had some tarnish on one bag's hardware and used brass cleaner on it and they were good as new. As far as flaking - are you sure it's not just the way the tarnish happens? I have seen it look like it's flaked off in a patch, but it's really just tarnished...

    But I do agree - hardware that tarnishes on a very pricy bag is annoying!
  3. I'm pretty sure its flaking - especially on the matted WHITE metals they used for the Glace pieces and Geant line. I can see when the finish comes off that the metal underneath is of an orange color of some sort (copper???).

    As for the brasswork - The locks are definitely solid brass - but I don't think the zipper pulls and some of the trim hardware is brass - maybe brass coated or plated (?)
  4. Why don't you call LV and ask?
  5. ~LV def. will replace the zipper, you can bring it back to the store that you made your purchase from. One of the tPFer brought her wallet that she purchased in Aug07, they were going to send the wallet in and replace the zipper for free of charge. Later, the repair specialist from LV just gave her a brand new wallet. How's that for great customer service. We're located in Southern California!~
  6. The pulls are brass and nickel - Some with a highly polished golden finish and others with a palladium plating. Brass tarnishes naturally turning green, brown and even orange. Nickel oxidizes often turning a smokey grey or strangely white. The zippers are also finished, which is why they are so shiny when they are new - The golden ones turn orange and the silver turn grey.

    I have had the zipper and hardware replaced on my Keepall for $130.00 and the zipper pulls and strap slides replaced on my Glace Bobby for $75.00.

    Hope this helps!

  7. That's right! I remember reading it yesterday....I don't remember which sub-forum..but it's entitled something like "Why I love tpf'ers and LV".

    Take it to your store, at least! Good luck!