1. I notice these spots on my trouville.(she's less than a year old and i rarely use her)Don't you think it's too early for it to tarnish?And an SA in our store said it takes years before the gold harware to tarnish. And I believe that they use better gold metal hardwares on MCs, Suhalis and denims than with the mono and damier speedies.So why is this happening to her?:confused1: is this normal?i also want to know if this ever happened to other MC owners?

    mc.jpg Mcc.jpg mc3.jpg
  2. That really stinks! I've never had any hardware tarnish- just my locks!
  3. I havent had tarnish so far on any of my hardware, so have no experience on how to get rid of it. Did any of the LV staff give you any advice on how to get rid of it?
  4. Yes, it's really disappointing because I have cheaper bags like gucci (which i got half the price of trouville)which i use almost everyday and not having a problem gold metal hardware is still looking shiny and clear as new. i hope someone can suggest what do coz i really like this bag:sad: :sad:
  5. Have you tried to treat it with brass polish?

    I haven't had tarnish, but I had a little fleaking on studs that bash into everything. Even my KEEPALL that is older than this hasen't ever experienced this. To me it looks like some sort of chemical splashed onto it, is that a possibility? Never ever seen anything like this before honestly.
  6. There are some great tips on this problem in the FAQ section, it's a pretty common occurance. Toothpaste & Brasso seem to be popular remedies. I love that bag, your pics show the colors so well that they make me want something MC.
  7. ^^ Brasso or Flitz work really well on my locks, maybe try that?
  8. Ugh, sorry to see that happening so early.
  9. It happened on mine as well. I use a jewelly cloth to polish it.

    I think it may caused from an oxidation.. :shrugs:

  10. Oh, so what happened after using jewerly cloth?did it improve?
  11. these really are tranish right? it makes me sad i compared it to my speedies and the gold hardwares are still the same as it is, to think that the cheaper type than with MCs:sad:
  12. OMG!! my mc trouville also has the same thing as yours. it is so distracting. mine is so new and never been used, and when i checked it out recently, there are brown spots in the buckles that supports the handles.
    What could be our remedy for this? is this tarnish?

  13. yeah,enigmaLV its tarnish. i hate it. Try calling the nearest store and tell them your problem coz its a new bag.they might suggest an exchange, but for me it's too late my bag is almost a year now.
  14. Have you tried Brasso? That usually polishes the brass well.
  15. I use a metal polish on the hardware, it brings it back nicely.