Tarnish on zippers?

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  1. I bought my lindy about 6 months ago, and been using it like once a month? Took it out today and realized the zippers looked tarnished. I have attached pictures. As you can see, the zipper is not shiny, it seems to have a coat of cloudy film over it. The rest of the hardware, I have checked, they are alright.

    Advices please! This is my one and only H bag.

    Thanks in adv! :smile:

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  2. I have the same problem ...and it's hard to zip
  3. Babyshingo, is yours a lindy too?
  4. Decide to bump this up. Pls help if you have the same issue or solutions. Thanks!
  5. It looks like it's caused by humidity - do you live somewhere very humid? In which case, it's more a function of location and likely less of the hardware.
  6. Hello, I am new here and I have no idea how to post.
    I have this question I have been wanting to ask,
    If I pick a silver hardware birkin, should the back of the plate ( the sangles / strap ) be brass instead of silver? I have been trying to get one from reseller, I am not sure if my knownledge for Hermes is enough,
    many thanks!!

    ( sorry if I am off topic, just dont know where to put my question .___. )
  7. Welcome; this is really not the thread for your question as it relates more to (I presume) authenticity.

  8. Thank you very much!
    So I should ask this question on the " authenticate this " thread? :P:biggrin:;)
  9. If you are considering a bag that has an online link for us to view, it can be posted in the authentication thread.

    If we could get back to topic on the OPs thread now, it would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. It shouldnt tarnish like that after just 6 months but you can shine it up with jeweler's cloth. Just dont be over-zealous and shine up the surrounding edge of the leather tho.

    I tried it on a 15 yr old bag and while it didnt shine up as good as new, it did get most of the tarnish off.
  11. A jewelers cloth, what a great idea! I'll have to try that on some of my vintage babies. Some of my bags are from the 80's and while I'd never dream of changing the zippers, they could use a little polishing.

    Thanks for the great idea!

  12. That shouldn't be happening... Sorry about that! I would suggest bringing it into your local boutique with the original receipt. Ask to speak to a manager and ask for it be looked at by a craftsperson. There should not be a repair charge for this as long as it is a new purchase and in excellent condition like you mentioned. However, make sure that the waived fee's are written on your repair form to avoid any confusion once it is returned.
  13. If you use a lot of lotion the lotion could easily migrate onto the metallic portion of the zipper when you touch the leather tab. I imagine if you are like me you inadvertently touch the metal portion sometimes when you are opening and closing the bag. Most lotions and soap (wash your hands thoroughly) contain folic acid and other ingredients that can easily tarnish pretty much any metal especially when combined with high humidity in the air. The rule of thumb is not to touch or wear jewelry after applying lotion and even perfume until after 15 minutes. The same would apply to touching the metal hardware on your bags. Hope that helps you.
  14. That shouldn't happen after 6 months but as others have mentioned it could be because of humidity, lotion, etc. Can you take it back to the store for them to look at?

    I recently got a vintage Plume with GHW and the zippers didn't look as shiny for having been in storage for a number of years. I used a blue jewelers cloth that I have from Tiffany (for use on silver). I lightly rubbed on the zippers and they look as good as new (perhaps not a day-old new-new but way better than before). I was worried it was going to remove the gold color but it was fine.

    G'luck with your zippers and please keep us posted.
  15. I live in a tropical country, so humidity can be a cause of it, but I do leave charcoal packs with my bag which acts like dehumidifier.

    I will try the jewelers cloth method. Does spectacles cloth or gadgets screen cloth works the same as jewelers cloth? I need to find somewhere that sells it now...

    Thanks to all the responses so far. Keep it coming in if you have solutions! :smile: