Tarnish on TOD'S gold hardware... what can i do?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I recently (on 1 July) got a TOD'S Carey Media satchel and I absolutely adore it, partly because of its brilliant gold colored hardware. But I recently found darkened spots on the hardware that look like tarnish! oh the horror..... right now it's not obvious unless under close scrutiny, but i'm afraid that if i don't keep the problem in check the hardware may lose its brilliance... :sad:

    i really wasn't expecting this to happen with all the raves about the high quality of TOD'S bags and all.... what could have caused it? could it have been because i got leather cleaner/moisturiser on the hardware? or the climate (i'm in the humid tropics)?

    What can be done to prevent tarnish? and to remove it? I've read about brasso on this forum but i'm afraid it may be too harsh on the gold hardware... anyone ever tried brasso before?

    help much appreciated. :heart:;)
  2. My LV hardware gets some tarnish I use a silver dry polishing cloth and it shines it up.
  3. thanks for the prompt response selena, i've thought of using jewellery polishing cloth as well. Do you use silver polishing cloth on gold hardware? if i'm not wrong silver polishing cloth is treated with ions meant for polishing silver and i was wondering if it would work on gold plated metal (i'm guessing brass). thanks!
  4. I use a polishing cloth that is from some of my David Yurman jewelry and it works like a charm. It recently even removed a scratch from gold hardware on a Jimmy Choo bag.
  5. Yeah....I don't think I would use Brasso because I think it has a teeny bit of microscopic pumice in it, and you will lose the sheen!