Tarnish on My Birkins PHW

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  1. Hello Ladies,

    I didn't know where to post this so decided to create a thread.

    Would really appreciate your help and advice on how to go about the tarnish on my B35 PHW.

    Have you seen this before and is it normal?

    Please refer to image below:

  2. Not sure the
    Of this bag
    My only advice send to boutique with artisan let them access what happened to the hw
  3. Hey bagiotic, thanks for the advice. I had bought this from a reseller in brand new condition. It was authenticated here on TPF. I must have carried it less than 10 times.
  4. Are the plastics on still?
  5. If the plastic are still on
    Likely it oxidised and spoil the hw
  6. I heard not to keep plastic on hardware from my SA as over time it can damage the metal.
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  7. I have noticed with PHW it tarnishes like silver. I just use a silver polishing cloth and rub out the tarnishes. Hope that helps! Your bag looks gorgeous from what I can see in the pic, do you mind posting a full bag shot ;) Thanks
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  8. That happened to the shoulder clips on one of my straps, and the spa removed it rather quickly. Good luck and congrats on a gorgeous-color combo!
  9. It looks like the plastic is still on the hardware. You need to take them off and use a high quality metal polish like Autosol and buff them with a soft cloth. Hopefully the metal is not yet pitted and a good polish will make that look good as new
  10. There is an old thread about this somewhere. About 13 or more years ago, there were some Birkins with palladium that tarnished easily. Some people sent their bags back to Hermes and Hermes replaced the hardware. I have a couple of these bags and I just polish the hardware with
    Nerv-Dull. It is annoying to have to polish, but I did not feel like returning my bags. After polishing, the hardware does tarnish again and must be polished again.
    Your bag looks newer, so they must have another bad batch of palladium.
  11. BTW, with my bags the tarnishing is not related to keeping plastic on the hardware. The plastic was removed immediately on both bags. I have a Kelly about the same age (about 14 years old) with palladium that has never had a bit of tarnish and it is stored in same place as the ones that tarnish. This was an issue with just some palladium. It is annoying.
  12. Hello Ladies,

    Sorry for the late response and thank you all for your help.
    The plastic is actually no longer on the Hardware.
    Here' s a pic of the bag, it truly is so beautiful but sad to see that it has tarnished this quickly.

    photo 3.JPG
  13. I agree this method too. I had some issues with some of the palladium zip parts, and was quite worried about it. I used silver polish solution dipped in a qtip to polish the zip as the cloth is cumbersome and may abrade the leather. Took alot of patience before the tarnishing was completely removed.

    For my case I suppose the tarnishing was probably due to constant contact with my hands that may have oils or makeup.