Tarnish on Brass

  1. I have tarnish on the brass on my tattersall pouch. What does everyone use to get this out? :confused1:

  2. Brass polish and a Q-tip work well - just be careful not to get any on the fabric. :yes:
  3. Thanks alot DH and I didnt know what to think at first until we realized it was a tarnish spot.
  4. I use tarnex and it works well.
  5. I have the same thing on the zipper pull of a jewelry pouch. Good tips because I've just put it away in a drawer until now. Just that little bit of verdigris really bugged me though.
  6. There's a polish out called Maas, and it really works well on just about everything. I used to use Tarnex on my silver jewelry, but I hate the smell, and it started to leave a funny looking film that wouldn't come off, it was kind of whitish looking.