Tarina Tarantino's Recent Line?

  1. Are you obsessed with Tarina Tarantino's Jewelries and accessories? People always think that they will only buy one, and stop. However you will end up with a whole collection of it. Share with you a site that has a lot of tarina tarantino stuff.

    [Use to think Hello Kitty stuff are for kids, however the tarina tarantino stuff looks really good and fits a lot of clothing, gives a purky feeling.

    Is the most recent line of hello kitty from tarina tarantino the MoD head collection?
  2. I love it- but I am extremely annoyed with many of her prices. I don't understand why her lucite bracelets or the flower hairpins almost $100?
  3. Her prices are way too high! It's only costume. I am sure if you pay a fortune for a pink hair hello kitty piece in about 5 years you will not want to wear it anymore. When paying allot of money you should be buying only classic jewlery pieces. Just like clothes you pay for the classic pieces and not too much for the trendy. Take it from me years ago I bought a Hello Kitty watch. I see it in my jewlery box and I think WTF was I thinking?
  4. I'm not so much worried about not yearing it years from now. I've been collecting HK for years and have had jewelry with Hello Kitty before Tarina started designing- but for others who aren't diehard fans like myself, that makes sense.
  5. I love her stuff. I don't mind the prices, except I promised to get my daughter a belt buckle before I saw that they are $278, which is absolutely absurd.
  6. I love her stuff. I have most of the Barbie collection and a few Pink Head pieces and some hair bows. I get so many compliments on them.
  7. I have a load of her rose bracelets and necklaces and a semi precious necklace although most of the stones are lucite (plastic) I also own two Pink Head necklaces. I think it is a rip off but the pink head ones are always commented on and are different although one preson thought I got it out of a lucky dip machine at the fair!!!
  8. Me too, me too! I've loved Hello Kitty since I was a baby. In fact, I'm so obsessed that I got a tattoo of HK on my hip when I was 19... and to this day, I don't regret it. :rolleyes:

    I would love to get a few Tarina Tarantino pieces, just for fun or to wear to clubs, etc. But checking the store locator on her website, I was surprised to find out that the only place in Chicago that carries her line in the Museum of Contemporary Art!

    Of course, I could always order online, but any other Chicagoans on this forum know of boutiques that might carry her pieces? (Non-HK included, of course! :P )
  9. I love Pink Head! I have 2 necklaces and a ring and I love them :love:
  10. I love TT and honestly, i don't mind the prices because her stuff is truely unique and i have been very happy with the quality! I LOVE Hello Kitty and always had so i know i will continue to wear my things. Aside from Hello Kitty pieces i also have a lucite bracelet, swarvoski hair flower (see avatar), and Barbie necklace. I love them, they always make me smile! :smile:
  11. I absoloutely love her pieces!!!

    But like most here, I find the prices too much for costume jewelry. If I was going to spend this much, then I'll just hop over to Chanel.

    I usually troll her sale site to see if there are any good bargains.