Tarina Tarantino Opinons??

  1. I've known about Tarina and her jewelry for a while but I recently find myself addicted to her stuff. I've just ordered about 7 of her things online but I'm wondering how it holds up over time? Any one have any opinions or thoughts to share??

    I'm also wondering if anyone feels that this jewelry is worth the money being it's kinda pricey for what it is?

    I actually bought this
    as a mother's day gift for my mom but when it got to my apartment I fell in :love: with it and couldn't part with it :shrugs: . It's all been downhill since then!!
  2. Hey TokiJen! I think thats a perty bracelet! If it had Chococat..I gotten one too hahah :graucho:
  3. ohh hello kitty for mom?? good decision that you kept it for yourself, because his design's are more suitable for younger age girls ;)
  4. I have a bunch of TT stuff. I just love Hello Kitty.
  5. I LOVE TT's pieces! I have a few of the HK pieces and one of the Barbie necklaces as well as the I Love You necklace. They're really high quality and I've never had a problem with stones falling out or any cracking etc.
  6. I echo what Rebecca said. Never had a problem with any of my pieces! :heart:
  7. I love Tarina's stuff i only have two pieces the same one you have Jen but in the Bunny Outfit and another one the Mod hello kitty bracelet red and black. Im dying to have the I hate YOu Ring with a skull. I think its so nice and i can wear it at work and actually kinda say how i feel towards the people that come in my store. Kidding well sometimes.
  8. Thanks everyone for your opinions. I hope mine hold up as well as all of yours!! I saw a sign in a boutique in town yesterday that said "DON'T GET YOUR TT JEWELRY WET" "DON'T GET ALCOHOL ON IT" "DON'T KEEP IT IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT" After reading that I was kinda nervous :sweatdrop:

    So my replacement Mother's Day Gift arrived today for my mom but I :heart: it so much that I want to keep this one too!


    I am a complete shopaholic! Online the Strawberry looked cuter than the bunny so that was the first one I ordered but IRL the bunny is so much classier. It has better colors in it! :cursing: Now I don't know what to do...so I did what any normal shopaholic would do...I ordered my mom 2 other bracelets so I can keep both of these!! :nuts:
  9. TT is SOOOO worth the money! Like Rebecca I am an avid collector, and love the HK items especially. The crystals, lucite, and metal hold up beautifully over time. I even have one of the first hairclips she ever put out. So, I am not a teen, but I still love her stuff. It is not stuffy, it is not silly, it is complement-getting since it looks very posh IRL.

    BTW, Rebecca, your Barbie necklace is TDF. Love it. You have the cutest stuff (LVs included). Good to see another TT fan out there!!
  10. I have one necklace. It is clear lucite and I find it's not only unique but it is very sturdy. I have more TT jewelry on the way! I have become a real fan very quickly. Great stuff!
  11. You don't have to be a teen to enjoy Tarina Tarantino jewelry.:biggrin: I :love: it. Here is a pic of my Pink Head Hello Kitty stuff.
    I just ordered this Aqua bracelet the other day and it's on the way !
  12. ILOVETOKIDOKI you have really cute TT stuff! :love:

    The Tarina jewelry is so addicting! :drool:
  13. Thanks Vmasterz!! They're even cuter IRL! :love:
  14. I wanna play
    Tarina necklace.jpg
  15. ^The necklace looks great on you!!!

    Here are some of my TT pieces:

    Yes...they're addicting! :nuts: