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  1. Check out the on-going sale: http://www.tarinatarantino.com
    They have very beautiful and cute jewleries!!!:tup:
  2. i loveee her. and every peice she makes. except whyyy o whyyy is it so high =( (the price)
  3. I totally agree! I love her stuff but they are vastly OVERPRICED. She has licensed with Hello Kitty & Barbie has had tons of business. For those in L.A., her showroom in Downtown L.A. hold public sales on the last Friday of every month. Typically there is a line to get in, but if Juicy is holding a sale the same day, the TT line is much shorter. I sell her stuff on eBay. Although I love her stuff and people are always very pleased with their purchase, I don't think I will sell her stuff much more. The profit margin vs. the time spent is not high enough for me to continue selling her stuff. However, they do make FANTASTIC GIFTS and I typically give my inventory to close friends and their daughters.
  4. thank you :smile:
  5. thanks for posting this. always love her line.
  6. Quote from Haute okola: "For those in L.A., her showroom in Downtown L.A. hold public sales on the last Friday of every month."
    May I ask where is her showroom located? Thanks!
  7. [SIZE=+3]Sample Sales at The New Mart [/SIZE]

    Sample sales are held at The New Mart Building on the last Friday of each month. This is the only time that we are open to the public. During sample sales, some showrooms will sell their samples at discounted prices, and accept cash ONLY. Each showroom keeps its own hours, which are approximately 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

    The New Mart is located at 127 East Ninth Street, Los Angeles, California 90015, between Main and Los Angeles Streets. Parking is located on Main Street and Ninth. Entrances to our parking lot are located on both Main Street and Ninth Street.

    The next sample sale will be held on Februay 29, 2008. Tarina's showroom is number 408.

    Don't wait until 3:00 p.m. to go because sometimes Tarina may close early if traffic is light. Wear comfy shoes, because there are only 2 ancient elevators for 12 FLOORS of showrooms, some with multiple vendors in each room. I always take the stairs.

    Also, check the items very closely, some are factory seconds and they cost as much as the first quality items, no discounts for damaged items.

    Isabella Fiore is selling this month on the second floor!


  8. Thanks a lot Haute Okole!! will definitely check it out!
  9. Thanks for posting! I had just checked them out and their stuff are so cute! I just made a purchase on their mauve purse candy (barbie pearl) just cause it will make my purse look so much cuter!!!

    Aww they are still kinda expensive though, I had to have the pearl purse candy but everything else is still kinda exp though they are on sale!
  10. Hmm... that address looks weird - i didnt put it in like that but it still seems to work :amazed:
  11. I think I just realized that this is a really old post. No sale here:sad:
  12. Does anyone know if her NYC store has sales?
  13. ^I don't know if you have a Myspace, but if you add Tarina as a friend, she posts sales regularly in her bulletins section and I think they've had sales at the NYC store.
    Right now on her site, all the Kidrobot stuff is 30% off: : :  T A R I N A   T A R A N T I N O  : :  
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