Tarina Tarantino HANDBAGS!

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  1. I just went on her website and saw these! Most of them are already sold out, but aren't they cute?! I love theSpringtime Barbie bag :shame:

    : :  T A R I N A   T A R A N T I N O  : :  

    What do you kids think?
  2. omg! I had no idea she had a new bag line. I totally agree, springtime barbie is adorable
  3. I wouldn't carry one.
  4. Personally I wouldn't carry one, but they are cute.
  5. They are a bit expensive for looking like something a very young girl would carry. The Springtime Barbie bag is pretty cute...but I couldn't carry it.
  6. Not for me.
  7. Oh my goodness. I want a Barbie bag! So cute.
  8. i'd get it for a high maintenance 5 year old. LOL
  9. they are cute but I wouldnt carry one.

    they would make adorable display pieces!
  10. I like the first bag. I would definitely carry it if someone gave it to me.
  11. i think the jewelry is adorable...i never saw these things before
  12. Eek...way too girly for me!
  13. I never heard of her..I read her story on the website...Pretty cool! But here handbags aren't for me...:heart: Emmy
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