Tarina Tarantino Discount Codes??

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  1. Does anyone have any codes for any websites that carry tarina tarantino jewelry? I'd love to find a code for Shoposhun, ShopLAStyle, Regencies or even the Tarina Tarantino Website itself. :confused1: TIA
  2. Anyonnneeeeee?:heart:
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    Ergh, it's not super helpful, but 80spurple.com offers free shipping over $99. Also, you can enter the code "tarina" for 20% off.

    I'm always interested in codes too, there was one site I can't remember which, that had some TT stuff on sale, then had another discount too. I think it may be over though...I'll have to see if I can find it again.
  4. If you are in L.A., the TT showroom downtown sells directly to the public on the last Friday of every month. Google L.A. Mart Sample Sales and it will tell you the dates. On the 4th floor of the New Mart. Always a line before lunch.
  5. Has anyone ordered from 80's before? Is it an authentic site?


    And label360 has a 20 % off code. It's display on the website. It has a selection of Tarina jewelery.
  6. ^It definitely is, don't worry, I wouldn't have posted if it wasn't. :nogood:
    I've never ordered from there before but I wouldn't hesitate to if there was something I wanted on it. :smile:
  7. Label360.com sells TT as well. Use L360 for 20% off. I've ordered from Label 360 and from 80s Purple and everything was great.
  8. it's authentic, i've ordered from them before! :tup::tup:
  9. Regencies and Tarina Tarantino official website never have codes.... but they do put some items on sale.

    ShopLA, Label360, 80sPurple, Shoposhun and LindsayLou will sometimes have codes and better sales.

    Label360 has a 30% code "toutie" or goto toutie.com for it... dunno if "mday" code still works
  10. Then why does Regencies have a space for you to enter a code? Very frustrating!
  11. Any of these sites have codes at the moment? I want to buy a couple necklaces.:yes:
  12. I have purchased TT from Label360, Lindsay Lou, and 80's Purple. They all carry authentic merchandise and have great customer service. They all frequently offer coupon codes so sign up for their email newsletter and I am sure you'll get one soon.
  13. I've been wondering about this too, Swanky, is it okay for people to post "does anyone have discount codes for site XYZ??"? I was thinking they should probably do a search first. But if they don't find anything, are they allowed to post asking for coupon codes?