Target's version of the Chloe Paddington

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  1. errr... i won't want to be caught dead with that! ha ha ha :biggrin:
  2. Ick!
  3. not my taste, but then again, neither is the real thing.
  4. I think that bag would look better without that lock thing, it looks terrible!
  5. They look much worse in person.
  6. some girl on livejournal bought one and posted about it and everyone was complimenting her. i wanted to comment and be like 'sorry, fugly!' but i wasn't feeling that mean.
  7. lol they even copied burberry and kate spade. wat has become of Target?! oh well i still love that place :biggrin:
  8. not even a little bit cute
  9. like I said before, it FEELS so gross that I wanted to throw up when I touched it.
  10. My friends never heard of Chloe as a designer brand so it might be something they'd go for. :suspiciou
  11. i have a different opinion.... i was mall shopping yesterday and went into rampage, forever 21 etc... i think it is smart to get trendy things like long shorts this year at stores like that as next year i might be thinking what was i thinking... anyway in all those stores knock offs from marc jacobs to balenciaga to chloe even kooba i could not believe it! i saw these teenagers in groups looking at them and they were so cute and at that age kids do not need 1000 bags and if they want to follow trends and feel like misha with a "paddington" i say go for it. now i would not carry one but for the younger generation not only do think it is okay i think it is cute....
  12. I totally understand that:smile: .
  13. I would teach my daughter that a lovely real leather purse that copies no designer but that is beautiful to her is a whole lot better than a copy of anything -
  14. i couldnt agree more :amuse: