Target's price adjustment policy

  1. I was just wondering if I can do a price adjustment in this particular scenario:

    Let's say if I bought a shirt from for 30% off, and I realize that it's 50% in-stores, can I still get the price adjustment in the given amount of days? Or is it up to the store's decision to price adjust the online price?

    Basically, I bought a tank for $15 online, and decided to return it. I asked for its current store selling price and the associate said $3.75. However, she wouldn't let me re-buy it, until it's back on the floor. I forgot about the whole price adjustment, and am wondering if that can be an option for the future. Anyone familiar with their policy?
  2. I am not sure about their price matching policy but I have found this issue to be true with almost 100% of the shopping I do. I know that, and many other retailers may have an item on sale on their web but even the sale price is much higher than the store sale price.
    I bought a pair of clearance BCBG pumps at Dillards for 17.97 and saw them on sale on their website for $54.00 even 3 months later!
  3. I believe there is a certain time frame (14 days?) for price adjustments.
    Target is usually very good about this.
  4. ^^ Do you know if they would still honor it if the purchase was made online?
  5. Their price adjustment policy is 7-10 days I believe, maybe 14, and most stores do have that policy that it has to go back to the floor before you can rebuy it, but some SA will still let you buy it. You got a rules sticker.
  6. Thanks for your input, Fashion, Anna, and Ladybug.

    I also heard something about not being able to price adjust if it goes on clearance. Is that true? The representative I spoke with on the phone prior, said something along that line about onlinee purchases. But what about in-stores? Geez, it's so complicated! Or, am I just being cheap? :shame:
  7. I just found it on their site. It states as follows:

    Please note: You must contact us within 14 days of your online order to get a price adjustment. Also, we cannot adjust for a lower price on clearance items.

    That's a bummer. I was hoping to grab an alice temperley item, which is 50% off online, and price adjust it to 75% off in-stores. That would have made a $30+ difference! Please don't mind me, I'm on a limited shopping ban, so every bit I can save counts. :p
  8. I've purchased a lot of things from Target before (never from though) that end up going on sale the next week, and they always price adjust for me within 14 days. Try it- it can't hurt!
  9. ^^ did it go on a reg. sale, or down to clearance? Their policy is saying that they would not pricee adjust clearance prices. I may try it out anyway though.
  10. ^ I'm not sure, but probably just on regular sale...sorry, didn't read the part on it not working on clearance items!
  11. I know I bought something at one store then the same day I went to another Target. I saw the same item for cheaper. So I took my receipt to the customer service desk and they said it has to be from the same store. They would not price match from anther target.
  12. It's because prices can differ between targets, even targets that are a couple of miles away from each other.