Target now carrying these brands???

  1. I was in Target today picking up shampoo for my son and husband (they'll use anything...I only buy my stuff from salons or online) and there sitting on the shelves are two of my favorite brands....Kerastase and Bumble & Bumble!!! :wtf: :nuts: When did Target start carrying them, does anyone know? I've always had to order these two brands online because no salons here sell them. I was wondering if the products are the same quality as the pricier salons carry...does anyone know? I would definitely love the convenience of buying them at Target instead of paying for shipping.
  2. I don't think that they really are authorized retailers of these brands. I think its kinda like how Costco sells Coach and Burberry???
  3. Bumble and Bumble!! Geez, I have to call my mum right away! She's on vacation in Dallas TX and I told her to find me some products. I tell her she'll have to look for them 'cause they're a bit pricier and not sold anywhere... and I swear she said "Oh, you mean like in Target?" (lol).

    Guess she was right!
  4. ^^^:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  5. I also saw Frederick Fekki (not sure if spelling correctly) at Targets. Usually I purchase from Sephora or Neimans
  6. I'm in Montana, and out Target got Frederic Fekki and Kiehls. Amazing.
  7. I haven't seen any of those brands at my Target. It would make it a lot easier for me if they did sell them.
  8. I buy BedHead hair products from Target.
  9. Same products!! Stock up!!!!:yes:
  10. yeah, target does carry some of the good stuff and they keep it separate from the normal..
  11. ya - all those "salon only" brands are showing up in target & grocery stores, etc. [ bumble&bumble .. matrix .. pureology etc! ]

    you should only be buying those from a salon/beauty supply with the license to sell them.

    when u are seeing those products in target, they usually have been tampered with. so i reccommed you don't buy them from a place with out a license to carry "salon only" products!

    someone is illegally buying all the product and selling it to those retailers [ and usually they replace the product with something cheaper .. or add water! ] .. so almost always u aren't getting what you're paying for.
  12. I used to work for Target when I was in my teens. Target carried products like Bumble and Bumble and BedHead, but they were almost always old. They were frequently returned because the products were old/damaged/tampered with. Target is not an authorized reseller of these products
  13. That is incrediable! Were the prices reduced?
  14. ^^I believe that the prices at Target are cheaper than the salons. The products were not labeled as old or damaged.
  15. its true. anywhere that sells those salon products but r not an actual salon is not suppose it.

    they say its either old packaging, or just returns, etc.