Target, Neiman Marcus join for holiday collection!!

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    oh my gosh! I am sooo excited. This is the first I am hearing of this. If I had a little girl, one of the marchesa dresses would be hers - I may just buy the white one for me. (the perks of being short and petite!) And, can't wait to see the Oscar de la Renta bag irl. Need bigger pics!! Oh, and the Skaist-Taylor fur vest. Super cute!!

    Do any ladies have details of will all stores get all pieces and what time will they be put out on December 1? I have never stood in line outside of a store for something, but just may for some of these items (ughh! did I just think/type that? am I crazy??) :smile: -- and at affordable luxury prices!!

    Edit: Found bigger pics! -- sorry if this has already been posted! I am excited.
  2. This maybe one sale to wait in line for if you really want an item. I heard that all things from this collection will be destroyed if not sold. It will not be left on the racks to be discounted or left floating around and if you want to return it, it's got to be returned by jan. 5th or not all.
  3. ^can you post links to where you read that please?
  4. what time is good to stand in line?
    I am really excited for this collaboration!!! :smile:

    I want the robert rodriquez dress, marc jacobs scarf, marchesa pink dress in child size 14-16! Im lucky to still fit kids clothes theres especially since kids are being "larger" now a days. Im only concerned with length since I'm 5'9"
  5. Thanks, I got the giftcard in the mail too and was confused about how to use it and where, NM or Tarjay, and came here to find more info.

  6. I didn’t read it anywhere. I doubt this is something they are going to want to let ppl know they are going to do. I know target usually donates all the left over stuff.

    I actually have a friend that is doing PR for target for this collection and we were talking about how much would be left over cause I felt some of this stuff would not sell, but she told me that some of the designers – Oscar de la Renta, Prabal Gurung and Carolina Herrera didn’t want their stuff going on deep discount on the sales racks and Neiman Marcus didn’t want to have this stuff on their sales racks for long, so the agreement was that the stuff that is unsold would be compacted and destroyed after Jan 5th.

    I can’t grantee that is totally true but if you check targets site for this sale it does say all stuff from this holiday collection MUST be returned by Jan 5. I called them up and was told that they will not accept returns for the holiday collection after Jan 5.
  7. Are all the target stores will receive the collection?
  8. I'm just wondering on the quality of a lot of this stuff - are the clothes that are usually made in Italy, *still* made in Italy, or are they outsourcing like a lot of brands do for diffusion lines, etc.?
  9. FYI if was not said before, i received mgs on FB saying they will release collection tomm, nov 29, only in 1 NYC store on 5th ave, and then on the 1st of dec everywhere
  10. This.

    And it says most items will be under $60 but some as pricey as $500. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of selling it at places like Target? Not meant to be snobby, but if I'm going to spend $500 on something I'd go to NM not Target.
  11. The $500 item is an Alice and Olivia bike. Most of the items are not clothes, so making Tracy Reese print dessert plates and things don't need to be made in Italy. Most things are completely different than what the designers usually do.
  12. What is this talk about a giftcard?

  13. It's true. As I stated before...things will be destroyed. I don't have a link to post though.
  14. Hello everyone! Is anyone in the San Diego area planning on standing in line? Im planning on driving down super early to stand in line and so I can hold spots in line for a few of you all if your planning on coming opening day! :biggrin: I figured it might be helpful! I called target and the girl told me she recommends arriving early because they are not doing wristbands or anything special for people in line early, hence a large crowd is expected...Maybe it would be smarter to go to Neiman Marcus?
  15. I'm headed to Target to start the line! Just kidding! :p

    I've been looking at pictures from the launch event and pop up shop in New York. Did anyone go? I was really disappointed when I saw the stuff Marc Jacobs designed for this, then I saw pictures of the "leather pouch" and they look almost clutch sized! I figured they'd be change pursed sized. So now, I might have to add them to my list. Someone commented that at the pre-shops the PS sweatshirt and Tory Burch lunch box and thermos had been the most popular. I wonder if it has to do with their more reasonable price points?