Target, Neiman Marcus join for holiday collection!!

  1. Hm, I'm cautiously optimistic...
  2. I concur!
  3. I have a feeling more polyester and "pleather" than designer and luxury...
  4. Very interesting
  5. Have loved some of the special collections that Target has done with designers -- others, not so much. If they're partnering with NM, it's a commitment (at least on paper) to quality that's really exciting! I hope they'll have some stuff available for sale online too.
  6. Feel the same way

    Guess if NM and Target are selling the same items, I have a feeling hitting NM would be the best bet unless Target gets there act together online & limit purchases in store
  7. This will be most interesting to see how this plays out
  8. I really don't think anyone is under the impression thay they will be able to get a $700 Marc Jacobs bag at Target for $24.99. I think we deserve a little more credit than that! I like these collaborations. There have been some collections where I didn't buy anything and some where I have bought a lot. In the end, if I like it and use it, who cares?
  9. Hmm, interesting...

    I probably wont see any of it, seems as such hyped collections are sold out or very slim pickings when I arrive at the store.
  10. I love that the theme is gifts. I bet they'll have some really neat pieces.
  11. Those are my thought exactly.
    But the new " specialty " shops they brought in for the summer ,bombed in my area.
    From the privet houseware line, to the overpriced candy ( that I can buy in the candy aisle 75% cheaper than whatnot was selling at ), the clothing line with the flamingos .
    I can stock up on it at 70% off now. !
  12. Well, that's going to crash the Target website for awhile.