Target/Neiman Marcus Collection

  1. Guess it didnt do as well as they thought it would.
  2. Thanks!
  3. Yeah, I wondered how this was going to pan out for them
  4. i saw the entire collection in store and even at 50 percent off can't seem to find anything. is it just me or was this collection not very good? i LOVED missoni for target (have the luggage, throws, make up bags, etc.) but the latest collaborations just haven't done much for me.
  5. I'm not even interested at 50% off and I'm huge NM and target fans. Weak collab.
  6. ^ITA!! Was not really interested in the collaboration
  7. I didn't get this collaboration at all.

  8. So not even the PS sweatshirt? I was thinking about that but some of the reviews say not for curvy types. I havent managed to get to the store to see it.
  9. Oh, that's adorable but it's a light color and unfortunately, I'm a bit of a piggy.


    I can't seem to ever leave the house without getting a stain on me whenever I wear light colored clothing.

  10. That was the ONLY thing I considered when it first came out. Didnt end up getting it...but at 50% off, if you are interested, I think it's worth it. I thought it ran small, so I'd recommend sizing up, esp. if you're curvy.
  11. I bought the Alice & Olivia suitcase for my niece for Christmas...but after looking at it at home for a while, the black and white stripes are starting to look a little "jail house" to me. Hmmm.......
  12. Keep it, LOVE black and white!
  13. Honestly, I don't mean to be debbie downer but the collection in the store was worse than online. Everything looked so cheap to me. As i said, I have the missoni for target luggage, the throw, and a few other things, and i always get compliments on the luggage. And the throws were very well made. I'm still using them a year later and they are holding up! But everything I saw with this collaboration in the store looked cheap--i own regular alice and olivia, rr, etc. and it cost a bit more but better made.

    I hope they bring back the missoni for target! lol
  14. From your lips to G-D's ears.