Target Go International

  1. Well, Erin Fetherston's Targte collection is now marked down, so we should be getting to see who the tenth designer is, but nobody seems to know! Target hasn't announced it yet, even though they usually do once the lines start getting marked down. The signs at my local Targte are even up: "Departing Soon." Has anybody heard any news? Is Target stopping their Go lines? :wtf: I look forward to every one of these collections!
  2. Hi,
    I believe the next designer is Jovovich-Hawk - from what I've gathered it follow's Featherstone's collection, HOWEVER, it's not slated until Spring '08. You can look for accessories, including shoes and handbags from Loeffler-Randall to hit about 12/30. Maybe they're taking a small break?
  3. Thanks for the information! :smile: I read that it should come out in February on several other websites! I wonder why Target is taking a break, what a boring couple of months until it comes out! I always rush to Target the day it comes out!
  5. I read something on target. it doesnt say who, but it does say it is two friends form la
  6. Jovovich-Hawk will be in stores 03/02/08! if you google 'Jovovich-Hawk Target', you can find some pics of the stuff, it looks like the best collection so far, IMO.
  7. The Loeffler Randall bags are SOOOOOO CUTE!
  8. AHHH OMG Jovovich-Hawk!!!! I'm so excited!!!

    after more snooping it turns out Rogan Gregory will be the next designer after Jovovich-Hawk!
  9. I love it! :biggrin:
  10. wow, i love the collection!
  11. I really liked those cognac boots worn by the target models so I ordered them! :smile: I also of course like the outfits too especially that chiffon apron print dress.
  12. Thanks so much for this info..I am sending it to all the women (and wanna-be women) in my circle!
  13. Ooh thanks for the link!
    I like...
    Chiffon Square-Neck Dot Print Dress
    Stretch Lace Dress in Black
  14. Looks like an amazing collection!! Thanks for posting.