Target "Designer-look" Bags


Which is the worst imitation?

  1. Marc Jacobs Tote

  2. Coach Hamptons

  3. Gucci Pelham

  4. YSL Muse

  5. Chloe Edith

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  1. Who haven't they copied?
    Marc Jacobs



    Yves Saint Laurent


    Which do you think is the worst?
  2. Worst? The Chloe by far :yucky:
  3. this is hysterical!
  4. also, i know they used to have a paddington copy as well! i even saw a person wearing it at the Getty in LA while I was toting my real whiskey!
  5. I noticed this too last time I went into Target...hideous!!!
  6. target has some cute stuff (better than walmart) but those bags are NOT cute. :yucky:
  7. tough decision, but the color of the 'inspired' marc jacobs one did it for me, ew.

    also don't forget the time when they had those balenciaga knock offs that everyone went crazy for :o
  8. Oof, i've never seen them bite Coach before. Last season they were knocking off Kenneth Cole's "hole hearted" bags. Insane!
    BTW, that "muse" is :throwup: and I see those fakey multipockets and stellas all over the place. A woman I work with has one and it's totally falling apart. I figured out ages ago that you get what you pay for!
  9. My local target even has look a like Koobas....
  10. I've seen that MJ inspired bag at my local Target, it's not that bad in person. You'd never mistake it for MJ. I own a few Isaac Mizrahi bags from Target, I like them. They're trendy, so the price was right!
  11. Wow. I don't have a Target near me so I've never seen these copycats. Eeek!
  12. Yeah, I have seen some of those at Target. I have not seen the Muse copy though. I think the Edith copy is the worst one. Target does have some cute bags that are not copies of designers.
  13. I've seen those! I was really surprised to see all the designer inspired bags at Target.

    By far, I think that Chloe Edith is the worst. :throwup:
  14. These really aren't that bad in person. I was actually thinking about picking up one of those MJ totes, they're on clearance for $12. :biggrin: For me, these are really designer INSPIRED and aren't made to actually look EXACTLY like the designer (although the Coach one won't come up haha). Now, when they had that paddington bag, that was pretty damn close and not good. There have been a few others too close too. But these ones aren't really that bad.
  15. I don't think there's anything wrong with bags that are "inspired" the way those are.
    That's not to say that I think any of those are nice bags-I actually think they're all pretty awful-but for someone that really can't afford the real deal and wants the "look" of a certain bag, I'd have more respect for someone buying "inspired by Target" as opposed to real fakey counterfeits that are labeled to look EXACTLY like the real deal.